Main Idea and overview

Sending the right email to the right lead is important. In EvergreenLeadMachine whe have 2 times 2 different audience.

Subscriber not subscribed in our ELM

ELM Subscribed

Other’s Leads

Our Leads

Non Activated


I created 2 Aweber List:

  1.  “Marcel’s ELM List”
  2. “Marcel’s ELM Active”

“Marcel’s ELM List” is connected with ELM and it’s where my leads and my viral leads arrives “Marcel’s ELM Active” is the list I export from ELM and Import to Aweber

Using segmentation and tags, I narrow down my segmentation so I can send more specific email to each leads


With this system we can filter out 4 differen level on our leads and message them different ways

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