About me

about ME

Marcel Heiniger

Marcel was Born on a sunny Tuesday, on August 1972 in the lake city of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland. Grown-up on the tree Lake region, first in German schools, then changed to French, Marcel wan always close to the water or the snow.
Loved the snow so much that he got sponsored by wild duck snowboard brand to participate in the Swiss Snowboard championship series.

As his Father had an IT, Marcel was in contact at a young age to the world of computers.  His first computer a Commodore SX-64, his first laptop as he loves to say. In the early eighties with his friends created a 30 modem BBS download server,  that he replace quite fast by one of the first privately run webservers in Switzerland.

He has learned industrial drawer by Diametal in Biel/Bienne, a job where he never worked later one. His passion for the web had always oriented his career direction web. From 2000 to 2003 Marcel was working as a Lead developer for Worldsoft AG. Creating a CMS before WordPress was born.

Then came a hard time in life, an accident, and generalized cancer where the Doctors already gave up. Marcel was fighting two years to get back on feet and health.

fight cancer

It was time to change the life, and Marcel moved to Thailand where he became a Dive Instructor but never letting the IT world behind him continuing working as a freelancer.  So he is maybe one of the first digital nomads. 

Marcel & Sri

After working and diving in Thailand, the Philippines, in Cambodia, and the Maldives, he found the love of his life and got married in the paradise of Bali, where he lives since then.