Life is Just Long Enough

As a species, we seek to increase our longevity, we hope to become immortal through our children or through a legacy. Some of us spend a lifetime in pursuit of goals and riches at the expense of the reason we’re here in the first place: to live! None of us are put on this earth to be a leader or a celebrity, that might be the outcome, but it is not the fundamental goal: we arrive here to live. To live every moment and experience as much as we can in the time we have available to us. And yet from the moment we become aware of ourselves here, we start watching a clock, and timing everything; judging our worth and successes based on time spent or dollars earned. Time management and a bank balance are simply a scorecard, and the greatest way for you to achieve the successes you want in that regard is to stop watching then and instead live. Make your business something that fills your working hours with joy and elation. None of us are here to do tasks that we hate, we’re here to live for ourselves, it’s the only thing we owe. The moral here is that in life as well as in our businesses, we shouldn’t waste time. Our lives are for living, and our businesses should be in support of that goal. To live is supposed to be a great adventure. It’s not about what we’re going to leave behind or about being remembered. It’s about the relationships and experiences we have along the way, and there is always enough time for those, just choose to experience it that way.

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